Ceramic Capsules

Unlike plastic capsules, our porcelain capsules are made from a naturally sustainable and non-polluting material. This means that our capsules are an eco-friendly choice for consumers seeking more sustainable options.

Cápsulas Cerâmicas
Cápsulas Cerâmicas

Welcome to IsoMat

IsoMat, Lda. is a ceramic company. Since 2022, they have also started producing porcelain capsules – an innovation that is making a difference in the market.

The company is known for its high-quality ceramic products and has now expanded its production to include porcelain capsules. This new product is not only a novelty in the market, but it is also environmentally friendly.

Ceramic is a naturally non-polluting and sustainable material, which means that their ceramic capsules are an eco-friendly choice for consumers seeking more sustainable options. Porcelain capsules offer an elegant and sophisticated alternative to plastic capsules.

IsoMat, Lda. is leading the way in the production of sustainable capsules. In addition, porcelain is a durable and long-lasting material, which means that their capsules offer added value to their customers.

The company is committed to producing high-quality and sustainable products and now offers consumers a more eco-friendly option for their capsule needs. With this innovation, the company demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability and leads the way towards a more eco-friendly future.

Cápsulas Cerâmicas

Custom Capsules

We offer customers the option to customize ceramic capsules according to their needs and preferences. This means that customers can have their own brands or designs printed on the capsules, making them unique and personalized for their businesses or events. This flexibility and adaptability demonstrate IsoMat, Lda.‘s commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of customers, providing them with a personalized, eco-friendly, and high-quality experience.

Porcelain Bottles

We are also present in the production of ceramic bottles, an increasingly popular option for beverage producers seeking an eco-friendly and high-quality alternative to traditional glass bottles.

Ceramic is a durable and resistant material, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, which means that ceramic bottles are ideal for storing hot or cold drinks.

Garrafa em Porcelana
Projetos à Medida

Custom Projects

We can offer customized solutions to meet specific customer needs, from design to final project production. With an experienced and dedicated team, we are always ready to work on customized projects, with the aim of exceeding customer expectations and ensuring their satisfaction. Each project is treated with the utmost attention to detail, from conception to final delivery, to ensure that it meets the unique specifications and requirements of the customer.


Some photos of our products!

Cápsulas Cerâmicas
Cápsulas Cerâmicas aplicadas em madeira
Cápsulas Cerâmicas

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